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   Guzara Allowance
60% of total allocated budget to a DZC, is fixed for Guzara Allowance.
Payment of Guzara Allowance is made by the LZC to the Mustehqeen which have residence in jurisdiction of LZC.
Istehqaq of a mustehiq / beneficiary shall be determined by the LZC concerned.
An adult Muslim living below poverty line of Rs. 675/- is eligible for this allowance with preference to widows and disables.
Beneficiaries / mustehiq will furnish a declaration to the affect that he is not receipt for financial assistance from any other poverty alleviation programme for the Government source less and unemployed.
Payment shall be made to mustehiq through crossed cheque by the LZC.
The rate of Guzara Allowance shall be Rs. 500/- per month per mustehiq.
Not more than one mustehiq will be selected from one house for the selection of Guzara Allowance.
A two person quota of funds allocated for GA is allocated for disabled.
   Educational Stipends
18% of total allocated budget to a DZC is fixed for Educational stipends to the mustehiq students
School, Colleges, University, Poly tech and other training and provincial institutions established or recognized by the Government are eligible to receive Zakat stipend.
Istehaq of the students is determined by the LZCs of the residence area of the student.
Rate of stipend for different cadre of education are:-
Sr. No. Level of Education Rs. Per Month
1. From Primary to Middle 75
2. High School 112
3. Intermediate and Graduate Level 375
4. Post Graduate 750
5. Engineering / Medical Colleges and Engineering University 874
6. Computer Sciences 874
Amount of stipends shall be paid in the form of annual grant to the educational institution by the concerned DZC after approval of PZC.
MORA Scholarship Committee (MSC) will be constituted in each educational institution which shall process applications of students of form MORA-I and distribute amount of stipend among concerned students.
Zakat fund for education shall be disbursed by the DZC according to the following proportion:-
1. Primary to Middle 50%
2. Science, Arts & Professional Education 25%
3. Higher Education 25%
   Educational Stipend Technical
Funds to the DZC are released on the basis of population of each district for award of educational stipend to musthiqs getting training in VTIS working under the control of Punjab Vocational Training Council and Teva institutions.
Istehqaq of the student is determined by the LZC of the residence of the concerned LZC
Student will apply for scholarship from MORA Technical-I.
Rs. 2,200/- per month to paid to the student of VTI and one time grant of Rs. 5,000/- for purchase of tool / equipment after completion of successful training course
Rs. 500/- per month and Rs. 5,000/- for tool grant is paid to the students to TEVTA Institution
MORA Scholarship Committee (MSC) is constituted in each district which segregates and determines the size of annual Zakat grant and admissible.
   Stipend to the Students of Denni Madaris
8% of the total allocated budget to a DZC is fixed for Educational stipends to the students of deeni madaris.
Istehqaq of the student is determined by the LZC of the residence are of the concerned student.
The rate of stipend is based shall be based on the status of the madrisa i.e.
Madris Belonging to Categories I-III
i. Primary to Matric 500/-
ii. Above matric and upto B.A. or equivalent. 750/-
iii. M.A. (or equivalent) and above 1,000/-
Madaris of Category-IV
i. Hafzo Nazira 150/-
ii. Mouqoof Aleh 375/-
iii. Dura Hadit 750/-
Misc expenditure grand (food, accommodation and clothing) is calculated as per following criteria
a. Deeni Madaris in cat. I to III Equal to the total amount of MORA Scholarship approved for the madrisa
b. Deeni madaris in cat. V 50% of the total amount of MORA Scholarship approved for the madarisa.
   Health Care
6% of total allocated budget to a DZC is fixed for Health Care.
DZC transfer funds to the hospitals on the basis of share of each to be calculated as under:-
i. DHQ Rs. 20/- per bed per day
ii. THQs Rs. 15/- per bed per day

Funds in balance after released to DHQ and THQ will be distributed among all LZCS for their transfer to BHUs / RHCs functioning in their area.

The computation of Health Welfare Committees for different hospitals is as under:-
At DHQ Level
a. Medical Supdt / Convener Chairman
b. Senior Doctor Member
c. Chairman, DZC or his nominee Member
d. Social Welfare Officer Secretary
At THQ Level
a. Medical Officer / In-Charge Chairman
b. Chairman, LZC or his nominee Member
c. Admn. Officer / In-Charge Member
At BHU / RHC Level
a. Medical Officer / In-Charge Chairman
b. Chairman, LZC or his Nominee Member
c. Dispenser Member
The following ceiling shall apply for free medical treatment of a mustehiq

                              In door Patient      2,000/-
                              Out door patient   1,000/-
A mustehiq patient subject to production of istehqaaq certificate duly verified the chairman IZC of his residence are is eligible to get free medical treatment from a hospital through HWC concern
   Marriage Assistant to Un-Married Women
4% of the total allocated budget to a DZC is fixed for Marriage Assistance to Un-Married Women.
The Istehqaq of needy women shall be determined by the Local Zakat Committee of her area of residence.
Total assistance for marriage of a mushtiq women shall be Rs. 10,000/-
Payment of Rs. 10,000/- will be made at one and the same time and not in installments.
Payment will be made through crossed cheque, drawn in the name of the beneficiaries only.
A copy of “Nikah Nama” and “National Identity Card” will be obtained by the LZC which will be submitted to the District Zakat Committee alongwith application of the mustehiq women.
After providing marriage grant, name of mushtiq women be struck off from the list of mushtqeen.
   Social Welfare / Rehabilitation
4% of the total allocated budge to a DZC is fixed for Social Welfare / Rehabilitation
Istehqaq of a mustehiq shall be determined by the respective Local Zakat Committee.
Beneficiaries shall under take to the fact that he is an adult Muslim who his not receipt of assistance from any other Zakat programme.
One time grant up to 5,000/- may be provided for rehabilitation of mustehiq and his name will be stuck off form the list of Mustehqeen.
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