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  i. Provincial Zakat Council (PZC)
It is the highest forum in the Province to exercise general superintendence and control over matters relating to Zakat & Ushr particularly Zakat Fund and maintenance of their accounts, in accordance with the guidelines give by the CZC.
It is headed by the Chairman, which shall be a person who is, or have been, a judge of High Court.
It consist of seven non-official members including Three Ulmes and Two women and Four Official members’ i.e. Secretary Finance, Local Government, Social Welfare and Secretary of Zakat & Ushr Department. The Secretary of Zakat Department which is the Chief Administrator is also the Secretary of the council. The tenure of the council is three years and the members of the council are eligible for reappointment for the next term.
  iii. District Zakat and Ushr Committees (DZC'S)
A District Zakat Committee (DZC) is constituted in each district which consists of a chairman and other nine members including two women who shall be nonofficial and two official members i.e. District Officer Revenue (DOR) and the District Zakat Office (DZO) who is also Secretary of the Committee. The functions of the District Zakat committee are:-
To over see, the functioning of administrative organizational of Zakat and disbursement and utilization of money in DZF and LZF.
To make plan for the district.
To prepare and maintain accounts of DZF.
To compile account of LZF for district.
To arrange, in a prescribed manner, audit of the LZFs in the district.
To tender to the PZC advice on any matter specified on it.
There are thirty five (35) District Zakat Committees (DZCS) in the province.
The name and addresses of the Chairman and District Zakat Officers alongwith contact numbers are given in the following table.
1. Lahore Naveed Anjum Muhammad Aslam Syedah Ghazia
2. Sheikhupura Syed Mushtaq Hussain Shahid Saleem 056-9200271
3. Kasur Vacant Ishfaq Ahmad 0492-764955
4. Okara Rai Ahmad Hassan Abdullah Rizwan 044-9200424
5. Nankana Sahib Javed Mansoor Kanwar Abid 056-2877160
6. Gujranwala Mian Amjad Ali Haider 0553845635
7. Gujrat Ch. Tanveer Ahmad Tahir Nadeem 0533-9260131
8. M.B. din Vacant Abdul Hafeez 0546-520111
9. Narowal Vacant Zulfiqar Ahmad Padana 0542-412470
10. Sialkot Mian Sohail Ahmed Zaheer Ashraf 052-3558022
11. Hafizabad Ch.Nasrullah Bhatti Shahbuddin 0547-521157
12. Rawalpindi Ajab Hussain Sohail Ahmed Kayani 051-9272710
13. Attock M. Imtiaz Khan Sirka Sana ullah 057-9316064
14. Jehlum Muhammad Boota Javeed Jamshaid Imtiaz 0544-9270091
15. Chakwal Muhammad Akram Najam Ud din 0543-553457
16. Sargodha Sikandar Masuood M. Waqar 048-9239139
17. Khusahb Chaudhary Arshad Ihtasham ul Haq 0454-710988
18. Mianwali Hakeem Muhammad Ayub Hafiz Akhtar Nawaz 0459-929011
19. Bhakkar Muhammad Ramzan Samina Fakhara Batool 0453-9200166
20. Faisalabad Nazir Hussain Awab Us Sabtain 041-9201558
21. Jhang Hafez ud din Muhammad Ashraf Asmi 0477-622618
22. T.T.Singh Anwar Ul Haq Afzal Saleem 0462-513913
23. Multan Mian Aamir Ansari Ms. Saima 061-9200997
24. Khanewal Nusrat Hussain Asif Adnan(Add Charge) 065-9200316
25. Lodhran Malik Shoukat Khan Ghulam Fareed 0608-9200163-4
26. Pakpattan Sajjad Ali Rizwan Abdullah (Add Charge) 0457-371344
27. Sahiwal Amjad Zafar Asif Adnan 040-9200238-9
28. Vehari Mian Sikandar Ali Khan M. Akram 0673-364040
29. Bahawalpur Rai Ghulam Hassan Daha Ghulam Rasool 0621-9255369
30. Bahawalnager Mian Mumtaz Aslam Ramay 0631-9240256
31. Rahim Yar Khan Khawaja Idrees Nazar Hussain 068-9230073
32. D.G. Khan Malik Saeed Hafiz Mughees 064-9260582
33. Muzaffargarh Vacant Ismail 066-9200243
34. Rajan Pur Muhammad Ayub Ismail Sial 0604-689475
35. Layyah Vacant Mian Khalid 0606-410385
36. Chiniot Vacant Muhammad Yaqoob 0300-7711255
  iii. Local Zakat and Ushr Committee (LZC)
A LZC is constituted for
i. Each revenue estate in settled rural area.
ii. Each deh or village in non-settled rural area
iii. Each ward in urban area.
It consist of nine members whom two are women selected by the residents of the locality   in a specified manner. There are 25019 committees are functioning all over Punjab. It is   responsibility for
LZC is responsible to
i. Determine istehaq of Mustehqeen.
ii. Collect voluntary Zakat, usher and deposit the same in DZF.
iii. Prepare and maintain accounts of LZF in a prescribed form and manner
District wise No. of LZCs in the Punjab : -
Serial #
No. of LZCs Serial #
No. of LZCs Serial #
No. of LZCs
(1) Lahore 1282 (2) Sheikhupura 686 (3) Kasur 961
(4) Okara 981 (5) Nankana Sahib 591 (8)    
(6) Gujranwala 1303 (7) Gujrat 1106 (8) M.B. Din 400
(9) Hafizabad 607 (10) Narowal 588 (11) Sialkot 850
(12) Rawalpindi 1166 (13) Attock 432 (14) Jehlum 323
(15) Chakwal 375 (16) Sargodha 1064 (17) Khushab 417
(18) Mianwali 287 (19) Bhakkar 392 (20) Faisalabad 1387
(21) Jhang 1178 (22) T.T. Singh 605 (23) Multan 558
(24) Khanewal 700 (25) Lodhran 387 (26) Pakpattan 572
(27) Sahiwal 585 (28) Vehari 757 (29) Bahawalpur 740
(30) Bahawalnager 1076 (31) R.Y. Khan 830 (32) D.G. Khan 364
(33) Muzaffargarh 519 (34) Rajan Pur 263 (35) Layyah 687
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